SE: Release according to Article 40, Section 1 of the WpHG [the German Securities Trading Act] with the objective of Europe-wide distribution

Notification of voting rights

1. information on the issuer SE
Street, house no.:Stefan-George-Ring 23
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI):391200QX3JB9AM3VJG21

2. reason for the notification

Purchase or sale of shares with voting rights
 XAcquisition or disposal of instruments
Change in the total number of voting rights
 Other reason:

3. information on the party obliged to notify

Natural person: David Maurice Bostock, born 25.05.1962

4. names of the shareholders

with 3% or more voting rights, if in deviation from 3.

Mysticum Ltd.

5. date of threshold contact:


6. total voting rights

 Share of voting rights (total 7.a.)Share of instruments (total 7.b.1.+ 7.b.2.)Total shares (total 7.a. + 7.b.)Total number of voting rights pursuant to Section 41 WpHG
new0 %9,96 %9,96 %5.522.495
last messagen/a100,00%100,00%/

7. details of the voting rights

a. Voting rights (Sections 33, 34 WpHG)

ISINabsolutein %
 direct(§ 33 WpHG)attributed (§ 34 WpHG)direct(§ 33 WpHG)attributed (§ 34 WpHG)
DE000WNDL300000,00 %0%
Total00 %

b.1. instruments within the meaning of section 38 (1) no. 1 WpHG

Type of instrumentMaturity / ExpiryExercise period / termAbsolute voting rightsVoting rights in %
00,00 %
  Total00,00 %

b.2. instruments within the meaning of section 38 (1) no. 2 WpHG

Type of instrumentMaturity / ExpiryExercise period / termCash settlement or physical settlementAbsolute voting rightsVoting rights in %
Conditional purchase09.01.202419.12.2023- 09.01.2024Physical processing550.0009,96 %
   Total5.550.0009,96 %

8. information relating to the notifying party

 Notifying party (3.) is neither controlled nor does it control other companies that hold voting rights of the issuer (1.) or to which voting rights of the issuer are attributed.
XComplete chain of subsidiaries, starting with the ultimate controlling person or entity:
The companyVoting rights in %, if 3% or higherInstruments in %, if 5% or higherSum in %, if 5% or higher
David Maurice Bostock%%%
Mysticum Ltd.9,96%%9,96%

9. in the case of authorisation pursuant to Section 34 (3) WpHG

(only possible in the case of attribution in accordance with section 34 (1) sentence 1 no. 6 WpHG)

Date of the Annual General Meeting:

Total voting rights (6.) after the Annual General Meeting:

Share of voting rightsShare of instrumentsTotal shares

10 Other information:





David Maurice Bostock

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