Legal Finance generally provides funding for litigation in exchange for a share of the resulting proceeds. Detailed information on this can be found under the item Litigation funding.

As a new option, litigants can now also benefit from our direct monetisation. This adds an interesting component to the Legal Finance service portfolio.

The litigant immediately receives part of his claim from Legal Finance, in addition to the costs of the legal dispute, which are also covered by Legal Finance. In this way, you as the litigant gain financial freedom - without risk.

A legal dispute can go through several instances and thus last several years. If you can make good use of your claim amount beforehand or simply want to reduce your risk, then we can support you by monetising your claim.

In order to examine your case, we need all relevant documents from your lawyer or legal department. If necessary, we will obtain a supplementary expert opinion. If we consider your case to be promising, we will make you an initial offer. After conclusion of the contract you will receive the agreed advance proceeds from us. The amount of the advance proceeds will be calculated according to the case. After the payment of your advance proceeds, we will start with the management of the proceedings and the payment of the first costs of the proceedings. In this way, we ensure that you can focus on your essentials.

If you are instead interested in our classic litigation funding as a service, you will find further information here.

With Legal Finance you have an independent and competent partner at your side. We finance internationally in all areas of law and help you to monetise your claims immediately. Contact us via the contact form below or call us: +49 069 87 00 184-10

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