Distressed Finance

Since 2023, Legal Finance has also financed proceedings on non-payment claims with its Distressed Finance product.

For example, claims and procedures around:

  • Real estate
  • Company shares and stock
  • Works of art
  • Cars, ships, planes

The problem so far: if the proceedings were not for payment, it was difficult for a litigation funder to "share in the outcome".

With Distressed Finance we finance litigation over such assets. If the case is won, Legal Finance has a share in the asset, e.g. in the company being litigated over.

For example: Legal Finance finances a process for the retransfer of shares in a limited liability company. The GmbH is valuable and the shares are not to be sold after the retransfer. Legal Finance bears all legal and court costs of the proceedings. After winning the case, Legal Finance has a share in the GmbH with a pre-determined share.

Do you have a potential case for our new Distressed Finance product?

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