Code of Conduct

At Legal Finance, we are committed to integrity, responsibility and the highest ethical standards in all our business activities. This Code of Conduct serves as a guideline and ensures that we maintain the highest moral and professional standards in every situation.

1. social responsibility
At Legal Finance, we are conscious of the impact our actions have on society. We strive not only to achieve our business objectives, but also to make positive contributions and drive sustainable change in the community. This means that we are always socially responsible in our business activities. Our company supports initiatives that promote the common good and actively contributes to social and charitable projects. We always strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

2. equal opportunities and non-discrimination
Every employee, partner and applicant deserves respect and fair treatment. At Legal Finance, no one is discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or nationality. We promote a corporate culture of inclusion and diversity. Our personnel decisions are based solely on qualifications, skills and merit. It is our constant goal to create a working environment in which everyone feels valued, respected and supported.

3. donations, sponsoring
For us, donations and sponsorship are not just financial contributions, but reflect our corporate values. We are committed to transparency in our donation and sponsorship practices. Every donation is carefully reviewed to ensure it is ethical and made without expectation of return. It is our policy to support organizations and initiatives that are in line with our corporate goals and values.

4. lobbying
Our lobbying activities always comply with applicable laws and regulations. We strive for transparency in our lobbying and distance ourselves from unfair practices. In all efforts to influence political decision-makers or authorities, we attach importance to ensuring that our views are presented honestly, accurately and comprehensibly. We are aware that our involvement in the political arena entails a responsibility, and we take this responsibility seriously.

5. environmental protection
Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture. We strive to continuously reduce our environmental footprint and promote environmentally friendly practices in all our business activities. This includes both reducing our energy consumption and supporting renewable energy sources. In addition, we make it a priority to ensure that our partners and suppliers follow similar environmentally friendly practices. Everyone in our company is encouraged to act in an environmentally responsible manner and to look for ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

6. safety in the workplace
The safety of our employees is a top priority at Legal Finance. We do everything we can to create a workplace that is safe and free of health risks. This includes regular safety training, reviews of the work environment and the provision of necessary protective equipment. It is everyone's responsibility to promptly report any safety-related incidents or concerns. Through the cooperation of all employees, we strive to create a culture where safety is always at the forefront.

7. conflicts of interest
As a company, our goal is to avoid conflicts of interest. All employees are required to declare potential conflicts of interest and to ensure that their personal and business activities do not conflict with the interests of Legal Finance. It is essential that our decisions are always made objectively and in the best interests of the company, free from personal advantage or bias.

8. gifts
Gifts, whether in the form of goods, services or other gratuities, may create conflicts of interest. We do not accept gifts that exceed a nominal value or that could influence decision-making. All employees are required to report gifts they receive from business partners to their supervisors.

9. corruption
Legal Finance has a strict zero tolerance policy towards corruption in any form. All employees and business partners are required to behave ethically and not engage in bribery or corruption activities. We are committed to building business relationships based on trust, integrity and honesty.

10. state as customer
When we do business with government entities or officials, we do so with the highest integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. It is critical that we avoid any appearance of undue influence or advantage.

11. fair competition
We believe in a fair and free market. This means that we comply with competition laws and avoid unfair business practices. All employees are required to respect the principles of fair competition and not to take any action that could disrupt the free market.

12. export control
When trading across national borders, we ensure that we comply with all export and import laws and regulations. This includes complying with sanctions and ensuring that our business activities do not violate international agreements.

13. sanctions
We respect all international sanctions and ensure that our business activities in any country do not violate these sanctions. The company will regularly review whether there are any business relationships that could be affected by such sanctions and take appropriate action.

14. data protection
The protection of personal data is a top priority at Legal Finance. We strictly comply with data protection laws and ensure that all personal data is treated securely and confidentially. Our employees are trained to collect, process and store data only to the extent necessary for business purposes. In addition, personal data is never disclosed without the express consent of the data subject. Regular reviews and updates of our privacy policy ensure that we are always up to date with the latest technology and legislation.

15. IT security
In the digital era, the security of our IT infrastructure is of paramount importance. We have taken extensive measures to be prepared against cyber threats and to constantly protect our systems against possible attacks. This includes regular security audits, training for our employees and the implementation of advanced security tools. The integrity and confidentiality of our data, both company-wide and for our customers, is of central importance to us.

16. advertising
Our advertising activities always reflect the values of Legal Finance. We assure that our advertising is truthful, transparent and not misleading. Furthermore, we respect the legal regulations for advertising and marketing and undertake not to use unfair advertising methods.

17. honesty
Honesty and transparency are cornerstones of our corporate culture. Every employee is encouraged to be honest and open in all their business dealings, whether with colleagues, customers or business partners. Honesty creates trust, and trust is the basis for successful and sustainable business relationships.

18. reporting
Transparent reporting is essential for us. We place a high priority on ensuring that all financial and business reports are accurate and timely. All employees involved in the reporting process are required to follow applicable standards and best practices and to ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete.

19. whistleblower
We appreciate it when employees report unethical or illegal behavior. Whistleblowers play a crucial role in maintaining high ethical standards within the company. Legal Finance has established mechanisms to ensure that whistleblowers are protected and that their reports are treated confidentially. Employees who have concerns or information about possible violations are encouraged to report them without fear of reprisal.

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