The law is reason unaffected by desire.


Being right and getting justice is not the same thing. Getting justice is expensive and often prohibitively expensive or time-consuming: Large-scale international proceedings with specialized lawyers are tedious and expensive, the duration sometimes inestimable. Legal Finance invests in such large-scale proceedings.

In mass proceedings with a small amount in dispute, each individual procedure can be complex, but the reimbursement of costs is unreasonably low and is disproportionate to the actual costs. Legal Finance finances the bundling of such mass proceedings to conduct test cases.

Insolvency administrators and similar liquidators often have very limited financial resources available. On the other hand, there are potential claims that must be enforced swiftly and without compromise.

Legal Finance participates in such claims.

Legal Finance does not invest directly, but via SPVs or subsidiaries.

We finance:

  • Large-scale international proceedings
  • Mass proceedings
  • Speculative claims
  • Insolvency claims
  • Special proceedings, e.g. state liability, UDRP, URS, ADR, etc.
  • Enforcement, debt collection
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